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  • August 18, 2023
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We have recently published an extensive workplace survey to give a true overview of working life globally and how the jobs market is being impacted by economic factors including the cost of living.   

The report has highlighted that a quarter of Millennials (26%) have admitted they are currently working in a toxic environment. The results show they are the generation most likely to believe the workplace is toxic with only 13% of over 55s believing their current workplace is toxic. The results varied hugely across gender with 17% of men and even more women (22%) unhappy in their workplace.

The extensive survey also showed that over a third (39%) of millennials have admitted they are actively looking for a new role now or are planning to start looking soon with 42% stating that not being paid enough was a deciding factor in this decision.

These results should be concerning for employers across the UK as they highlight that millions of workplaces are perceived as toxic by employees and a large percentage of the workforce is unhappy in their current role. Losing key employees often greatly impacts businesses and these workers can be hard to replace especially with vast skill shortages across many industry sectors.

Craig Bines, CEO of The CareerWallet Group, commented, “Our new workplace survey highlights how many employees are unhappy at work due to toxic cultures and feeling undervalued. With a third of the workforce considering a new role, many employers need to address these issues as losing key members of staff by underpaying them can end up costing the firm much more in the long run.

Recruitment is tough at the moment and finding the right employees can be hard, so businesses need to look after employees more than ever. At CareerWallet we have millions of vacancies available globally, so it is an ideal time to register and find your next position.”