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The Career Wallet UK runs a comprehensive affiliate programme designed for companies and organisations from within the recruitment industry helping to monetize recruitment and job seeker databases.

Our programme is designed for Job boards, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies (RPO’s) and other companies from within the industry.

Benefits of The Career Wallet UK Programme

Free data cleansing

We will run data through our email validation system returning any records that are invalid, spam traps, and other emails that might harm your sending reputation. Results then show.

  • Role based email detection
  • Duplicates removal
  • Disposable email detection
  • Mailbox verification
  • Free email detection
  • Identify alias
  • Syntax verification
  • Email domain check
  • Mail server verification
  • Catch-all detection

Earn revenue

Each time a job seeker clicks on a job or applies for a job via one of the emails we send we pay a commission (CPC) OR a cost per application (CPA). Most of our clients use revenue generated to extend their own marketing budgets. – After all research shows only 2% of companies databases are fully used and providing an effective ROI.

Embed your own jobs

You can embed your own jobs, this can be done via the template manager or by simply providing an XML, if your own jobs match to your own job seekers the top 2 positions will showcase your own jobs. The template manager can also be used to promote your own brand, events or company news directly to your own job seekers.


Receive comprehensive reporting including
1. Initial Email Validation – Know what emails are no longer live
2. Bounce Rates – why an email might bounce such as full mailbox
3. How much revenue you are earning by click numbers or CPC
4. Unsubscribes. – Who no longer wants to receive your emails
5. Emails Sent – how many emails we send on your behalf, this is fully lifecycle and trigger based.

Data Appending

Did a job seeker you uploaded change their job title or location? we will let you know, keep your database fresh and active.

Customised Branding / Sending

Send with your company brand, or email address, or let us create a new sending domain and brand for you.

Data Import / Export

Import / export data by CSV, or use our API to integrate directly into your own database.

Owned ESP

We own our (Email Sending Platform) including servers ensuring delivery and engagement of communications with an in-house team of delivery experts.

It is important that all affiliates have received consent to contact any such job seekers via direct opt in or in some cases legitimate interest and all companies must provide a ICO registration number upon commencement of The Career Wallet UK programme.

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