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CareerWallet has recently published an extensive workplace survey to give a true overview of working life in the UK and how the jobs market is being impacted by economic factors including the cost of living.

The report has highlighted that older workers are more likely to experience deliberate exclusion in the workplace than their younger counterparts with nearly one in five (19%) of over 55’s admitting to being impacted by this behaviour at work. The survey showed that nearly twice as many over 55s experience exclusive behaviour than those under 25s with only 10% admitting to being affected by this.

The extensive survey also showed that nearly a third (32%) of those over 55’s also experience bullying in the workplace which is again higher than any other age group and shows a concerning trend for older employees in the workplace. Other disturbing behaviours that older workers have experienced included inappropriate comments (24%), sexist behaviour (13%) and offensive comments (19%).

The survey results should be concerning for employers across the UK as it highlights that many older employees are being excluded and even bullied at workplaces. These workers can provide a wealth of benefits and experience to many businesses, but many firms are failing to provide a culture where they are being respected or perceived positively.

Craig Bines, CEO of The CareerWallet Group, commented, “Our new workplace survey highlights that older employees are not only getting ignored and excluded but more concerningly are also experiencing bullying from colleagues and managers. This shows a fundamental cultural problem with millions of businesses in the UK that are not utilising often the most experienced and valuable employees or giving them the respect, they deserve.

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